National Festival of Breads 2023

Image: Cheese Lover’s Barbecue Bread Twists, Gloria Piantek.

Cheese Lover’s Barbecue Bread Twists
Gloria Piantek
2023 Best of Breads Champion
Say Cheese category

Image: Knotty 7 Grain Rolls, Susan Wiebe.

Knotty 7 Grain Rolls
Susan Wiebe
Wholesome & Healthy category

Image: Nutty Pumpkin Cranberry Dinner Rolls, Carol Adamek.

Nutty Pumpkin Cranberry Dinner Rolls
Carol Adamek
Quick & Easy category

Image: Mocha Coffee Pecan Babka, Marian Evoniuk.

Mocha Coffee Pecan Babka
Marian Evoniuk
Go Nuts

National Festival of Breads 2021

Savory Thai Peanut Sauce Rolls
Anakkarat Barth
2021 Best of Breads Champion
Savory Rolls

Apricot Raisin Babka Ring
Susan Simpson
Sweet Breads/Rolls

Hearty Wild Rice ‘n Tart Cherry Bread
Barbara Estabrook
Traditional Breads

Strawberry Lemonade Swirls
Maggie Sleichter
Youth, Sweet Rolls

Blueberry Blossom Tree Braids
Madee McKee
Youth, Creative Bread Shape

National Festival of Breads 2019

Blackberry Ginger Speculaas Danish Wreath
Merry Graham
Champion, Food Blogger Division

Chai Ube Rosette Rolls
RaChelle Hubsmith
Champion, Home Baker Division

Photo: Beetroot Amaretto Rolls.

Beetroot Amaretto Rolls
Shauna Havey
Food Blogger

Photo: Loaded Baked Potato Bread.

Loaded Baked Potato Bread
Lauren Katz
Home Baker

Photo: Peanut Butter Pretzel Rolls.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Rolls
Suzy Neal
Food Blogger

Photo: Sicilian Star Bread.

Sicilian Star Bread
Brenda Watts
Home Baker

Photo: Mulled Spiced Apple Cider Crisp Loaves.

Mulled Spiced Apple Cider Crisp Loaves
Tiffany Aaron
Home Baker

Photo: Tart Cherry, Pecan and Rosemary Boule.

Tart Cherry, Pecan and Rosemary Boule
Kristin Hoffman
Food Blogger

National Festival of Breads 2017

Photo: Seeded Corn and Onion Bubble Loaf.

Seeded Corn and Onion Bubble Loaf
Ronna Farley
2017 Champion

Photo: Turmeric-Rosemary & Sweet Potato Rosettes.

Turmeric-Rosemary & Sweet Potato Rosettes
Tiffany Aaron

Photo: Orange Marmalade Breakfast Crescents.

Orange Marmalade Breakfast Crescents
Pam Correll

Photo: Southwest Focaccia

Southwest Focaccia
Jane Fry

Photo: Butternut Romesco Braid.

Butternut Romesco Braid
Shauna Havey

Photo: Toasted Cardamom Nordic Crown.

Toasted Cardamom Nordic Crown
Patrice Hurd

Photo: Mexican Street Corn Skillet Bread.

Mexican Street Corn Skillet Bread
Michele Kusma

Photo: Orange-Spice Anadama Wreath.

Orange-Spice Anadama Wreath
Kellie White

National Festival of Breads 2015

Photo: Smokehouse Cranberry Cheese Bread.

Smokehouse Cranberry Cheese Bread
Lisa Keys
2015 Champion

Photo: Chickpea-Stuffed Aleppo Flatbreads.

Chickpea-Stuffed Aleppo Flatbreads
Felice Bogus

Photo: Cheddar 'N' Chiles Accordion Bread.

Cheddar ‘N’ Chiles Accordion Bread
Mary Hawkes

Photo: Curry & Chia Onion Buns.

Curry & Chia Onion Buns
Merry Graham

Photo: Rosemary Cardamom Twisters.

Rosemary Cardamom Twisters
Amy Meiers

Photo: Crunchy-Topped Coconut Almond Bread.

Crunchy-Topped Coconut Almond Bread
Ronna Farley

Photo: Peppered Parmesan Veggie Bread.

Peppered Parmesan Veggie Bread
Patrice Hurd

Photo: Chocolate Swirl Loaves.

Chocolate Swirl Loaves
Jane Fry

Photo: Wild Maine Healthy Blueberry Banana Nut Bread.

Wild Maine Healthy Blueberry Banana Nut Bread
Ellie Sapat
Youth Champion

National Festival of Breads 2013

Photo: Onion Parmesan Cracker Bread.

Onion Parmesan Cracker Bread
Rosemary Leicht
2013 Champion

Photo: Red Apple Golden Cheddar Challah.

Red Apple Golden Cheddar Challah
Judi Berman-Yamada

German Streusel Cranberry Bagels
Elke Roby

Photo: Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel Slider Buns.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel Slider Buns
Gloria Piantek

Photo: Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls with a Twist.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls with a Twist
Marilyn Blankschien

Photo: Rich Italian Bread.

Rich Italian Bread
Jane Hinrichsen

Photo: Light and Fluffy Chia Whole Wheat Rolls.

Light and Fluffy Chia Whole Wheat Rolls
Merry Graham

Photo: Two Grain Cranberry and Walnut Bread.

Two Grain Cranberry and Walnut Bread
Rita Lutz

Photo: Family Italian Bread.

Family Italian Bread
Mardi Traskowsky
Youth Winner

National Festival of Breads 2011

Quick Raisin Granola Breakfast Rolls
Gale Collier
2011 Champion

Fruit-of-the-Vine and Rosemary Olive Oil Snack Bread
Patricia Harmon

Triple Tangerine Twirling Treats
Lois Dowling

Charred Lime Sweet Ginger Rolls
Candy McMenamin

Tart Cherry Schiacciata
Mary Kay Allen

Photo: Jalapeño Cheddar Wheat Hamburger Buns.

Jalapeño Cheddar Wheat Hamburger Buns
Robin Porter

Photo: Apple Cider Cranberry Bread.

Apple Cider Cranberry Bread
Teresa Cardin

Photo: Sweet Wheat Bread.

Sweet Wheat Bread
Jamie Swisher

National Festival of Breads 2009

Tomato, Basil and Garlic Filled Pane Bianco
Dianna Wara
2009 Champion

Healthy Homemade Bread
Tanna Richard

Sweet Life Sweet Potato Focaccia
Jessie Grearson

Cranberry and Lemonade Cream Rolls
Judy Reynolds

Bacon Onion Baby Brioche
Gloria Piantek

Mom’s Best Hearty Wheat Bread
Jan Galloway

ABC Wheat Bread
Marjorie Johnson

Spiced Cranberry Lemon Danish
Nikki Norman